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HD-SDI Solution (5)
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HD-SDI Solution: Camera components, features, and efficiency

CCD or CMOS sensors and image processing components play an important role to ensure both long-distance transmission and high image quality which are rendered in HD-SDI. Asides from sensors, we will examine other components.

Sensor Overview

Once the signals are captured by CCD or CMOS sensors, uncompressed HD video streams can be transported in analog or digital approaches. Analog signal transmission usually adopts YPbPr color separation, and one channel of HD-SDI video signals requires three coaxial cables to deliver the transmission simultaneously.

Digital signal transmission uses digital visual interface (DVI), High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), or HD-SDI for transmission. Among them, DVI or HDMI support only several meters of transmission distances, which can be increased to dozens of meters with video signal amplifiers, so both of them are not suitable for transmitting video data for longer distances. By contrast, HD-SDI signals can reach 100 meters over CVBS coaxial cables with BNC connectors. Therefore, this approach is usually adopted for on-site video capturing and transmitting to the management equipment connected in 100 meters.

Camera Component Overview

HD-SDI surveillance solutions are becoming more popular in European or American markets. There are increasingly more vendors who prefer to deploy higher pixels and more dynamic front end SDI cameras. As a result of HD, data volumes generated are larger, hence requiring stronger CPU processing capabilities.

While analog cameras adopting DSP/ASIC/ASSP architecture have problems meeting the volume demands, components supporting field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are the right choices with parallel and programmable flexibility.

What to Expect

HD-SDI systems feature digital methods of transporting HD video data without packetizing it, ensuring continuous latency-free and uncompressed streams without loss. Therefore, immediacy and integrity of signals are better guaranteed. Both HD-SDI and IP HD solutions have their unique advantages in security and surveillance applications. Users can select solutions according to their on-site requirements. HD-SDI solutions are developed to solve the challenges when many cannot afford a major disruption to their existing analog systems or the cost of building an entirely new infrastructure.


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